Fixing leak in drip system

What is the quickest way to interrupt an actively watering schedule? I discovered a leak in the 1/2 poly this morning. Water was shooting in the air and by the time I went back in the house, put my coffee down and got my phone, I had a nice mud puddle.

@sunny That’s one way to start your morning! :joy:

I think you have a couple options here- really depends on where you are at when you discover the leak. Option number one would be go ahead and unplug your controller- this is a little rough but it will do the trick! That option is obviously only useful when you are close to your controller.

Option number two would be to grab your phone, click to the history/updates tab, and hit stop there. It sounds like this may be what you ended up doing!

v03 should give a little more accessibility and control when it comes to acting on whatever is currently running… :wink:

McKynzee :rachio:

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Thanks @mckynzee. My preference would be to enjoy my coffee in the courtyard this morning, but some days are like that! It is Monday.

I’ll remember your suggestion for future reference. Looking forward to v03. Thanks!


Why not just put in on standby?