Fixed spray head

  1. For my grass sprinkler zone setup, does using the fixed spray head assume that the sprinkler shoots out 360 degrees? Or does it matter whether my sprinkler shoots out 360 vs 180 degrees?
  2. Can I assume a sprinkler head that is adjusted from 360 to 180 degrees will shoot out 50% less water per same time period?

Our nozzle types use precipitation in./hr which can be calculated using a catch cup test or knowing your gallons per minute, or by picking the closest nozzle type (we use industry standard defaults for in./hr).

If you use a catch cup test it will tell you precip in./hr as well as efficiency which measures all of your heads application (efficiency takes into account overlapping heads, 360 vs 180, etc.)

Catch cup instructions

Qucik and dirty

A short video

If you know GPM

Hope this helps


No, it will double because you have reduced the square footage by .5

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@Modawg2k, it depends on the nozzles you’re using. If nozzles were selected and installed with matched precipitation in mind, then the same precipitation rate is applied to all parts of the lawn. Think of matched precipitation as a fancy way of saying even distribution; if a 360 degree nozzle outputs 1 unit of water, then a 90 degree nozzle needs output .25 units of water. For more information, I’d recommend giving this technical doc a quick read.