Fixed schedules "Not Skipped" but not running either

So we are new to all this and are running into an issue that I’m hoping was user setup error! We have a flex daily schedule set up for all our grass zones, then two different fixed schedules for shrub zones. What we have noticed happening is that on the nights that both a flex daily and a fixed schedule is set to run we get this notification for our fixed schedule “Zone X was NOT skipped due to weather station seeing 0.00 precipation, etc.” But then the zone doesn’t go ahead and run. I have had to manually start it in the morning when I see it hasn’t run.

According to the help ticket I submitted it has to do with setting both fixed and flex schedules to “End before sunrise”. So what should I do instead? It’s HOT here in TX and we cannot water during the day at all or it’s a waste, but also get a lot of fungus and rot if we water in the middle of the night too often.

Any help would be appreciated!

@ejs01 Tried looking up your account based on your community email but couldn’t find anything.

Can you PM me the email address you used for your Rachio account? Thanks!


Can you be more specific on which zone did not run? I had the engineering team do a quick review and in the history feed it looks like schedules are running correctly. Thanks!


So on our house it was Zone 5 - Pool shrubs on July 26. Gave me the NOT skipped message at 5:16am but didn’t ever run. I had to manually start it that morning at 7am (after sunrise).

On my in laws house it happened this morning July 30 on zones 1,2 and 7. Gave me the not skipped message at 3:56am, but never ran. Had to manually start this morning at 6:44am.

@ejs01 I had the engineering team review and this happens to be an issue with customer’s having more than one schedule type (fixed and flex) and overlapping “end-by” schedule times. Our recommendation for now is to only keep one “end-by” schedule and modify the other’s to be “start after” a certain time. We will be reviewing a different way to implement this functionality and possibly only limiting customer’s to only one “end-by” schedule due to the complex nature of schedule stacking and weather inconsistencies (i.e. Schedules changing their skip behavior due to weather changes). Thank you for bringing this to our attention and thank you for your patience.