Fixed Schedule vs. Flex Schedule run times

I was experimenting with the fixed vs. flex schedule. I have 8 zones of drip irrigation. In a fixed schedule the zones default anywhere from 15-24 minutes. In a flex schedule the zones were a minimum of an hour each. Is this accurate and if so why the considerable difference in the run times?

What was the frequency of each watering? Flex is longer but less frequent. An hour for a drip “sounds” about right.

Zones are showing running between 50 minutes to almost 2 hours. It shows nothing scheduled next 2 weeks so not sure when it would run.

this sounds more correct to me, i think im more concerned about the fixed schedule only scheduling to 20 minutes.

but again, drip irrigation is hard to estimate because systems can vary so wildly.

I use a custom emitter setting based on the type of drip line I have. Initially, without the custom drip nozzle setting the run times were very long. It actually makes me wonder whether the flex schedule is taking into account the custom nozzle setting for each zone.

I tested this and it does take it into account, and without needing to recreate the schedule like the Fixed schedule type requires. So for example I setup a flex schedule and noted the watering time, then I switched one of the zones nozzles to one that had half the output. When I went back to that flex schedule that zone was now showing that it would run twice as long as before.

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I agree and without being able to see a calendar its hard to see when the next watering cycle will be. :weary:

i use the ios app and you can see the details of the schedule there.

Are you referring to being able to see a schedule in a full calendar after you have created a flex schedule instead of just 2 weeks?

Yes like we use to.