Fixed Schedule Skipped by Rain Sensor Not Counting as Gallons Saved

Just had a Rain Sensor (Soil Moisture) override a fixed schedule and this did not calculate as gallons saved. I would think this should count the same as if the schedule was skipped due to actual rain. The message in history is: “Yard Watering skipped due to activated rain sensor” but nothing counted as saved. Should this count? Is there something I need to change to make this happen?

Our water saved methodology is lagging behind flex schedules. @benblackmer and @matt are working on how to incorporate this data.


No worries. Thanks for the reply.

I have a question about this as well. Today the scheduled (Fixed) watering was skipped due to Weather Intelligence but Gallons Saved value is at 0. Should this change since the watering was skipped automatically by Rachio?


That graph sometimes take a while to load. Usually a refresh will load the data.

We are moving to a different technology for loading that data which should be more responsive.


I agree, I have a rain bird rain sensor and gallons saved is not being counted when the sensor is activated. I also think it would be good for manual delays to also count towards gallons saved, when manual delays are activated during a fixed schedule.

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This should be a relatively simple fix.

  1. Log the date/time that Rain sensor notification first went active.
  2. Check the weather station report for that date/time.
  3. Log the inches of rain fall reported. This is the 0-Time value that must be logged in a variable.
  4. Just before midnight on that same date, check the weather station inches of rain and calculate the 0-T value versus the midnight value. Save in a variable for day 0 totals. Note: Depending upon the forecast, more frequent checks may be needed.
  5. Check the inches of rain each day just before midnight and Log each value in separate variables. Continue this until the Rain sensor reports “Deactivated.”
  6. When the Rain sensor dries out and reports it’s deactivation, Log the final date and time.
  7. Check the weather station for the inches reported at that time and Log it in the final variable.
  8. The sum total of all of the variable values = Water savings for that period of Rain Sensor activation.
  9. Adjust the watering schedule to Irrigate as needed to make up for any overages or shortfalls.


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