Fixed schedule log lied to me?

My Rachio fixed schedule literally went off for the first time today. During the schedule we had some rain and the sprinklers stopped at some point. The log says all zones were watered for the full 120 minutes it was programmed but I know this is impossible because I woke up 30 minutes before it was supposed to be completed and they weren’t running.

It also noted in the log that weather did not cause the sprinklers to skip because the precipitation forecast was too low.

Why would the zones say they completed when they clearly did not?

I do have a rain sensor wired in, set to 1/4" but that is the same threshold Rachio has set for the weather skip. I do not believe the rain sensor was set off since it didn’t rain much.



I believe it did finish correctly, but was smart cycling when you noticed it was stopped.


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