Fixed Schedule fails to run... continued

I have a Rachio 3 controller with 10 zones. Zones 1 - 6 are rotor heads for lawn, Zones 7 - 10 are drip zones for beds. My water source is a natural creek 1500 feet from Zone 1. I have used this controller successfully for two full summers. As of Friday July 3, 2020 the fixed schedule for Zones 1 - 6 has failed to run on 3 of 4 occasions. The pump is activated but no water comes from any of the zones. My effort at troubleshooting so far has been to re-check all the wiring connections in the controller. Once I notice the failure I stop the schedule and immediately “Quick Run” each of Zones 1 - 6 to see if I can force them to run. This has not been successful. However if I wait at least 30 minutes, I am able to “Quick Run” all of the Zones. Today’s failure resulted in another effort to “Quick Run” the Zones and Zones 1 and 2 ran as expected after the 30 minute wait time, however Zone 3 ran of only a quarter of the set time frame and stopped. HELP!

Honestly sounds like something is going on w/ the pump not necessarily the controller. Almost sounds like it’s losing prime or something along those lines. Maybe someone that uses that type of setup can jump in and offer some insight.