Fixed Schedule but no Weather Intelligence options

I just had some new seed put in and I’m using a Fixed Schedule to water every 6 hours. The last couple of days, we’ve had rain and I’ve noticed there this new schedule is not skipping waterings due to rain. I have been manually delaying waterings but I would like to know why Weather Intelligence isn’t working. To clarify, WI is not even an option in the setup of the schedule.

I just tried setting up an hourly schedule, and I couldn’t find anything for weather intelligence either. A quick workaround would be to create a separate fixed schedule for each time (a total of four for the 6 hour intervals). I tested that using specific days, and that worked to let you pick your weather intelligence options.

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Correct, hourly schedules do not support WI.

Another option is creating a fixed schedule with manual soak times of six hours in between watering :wink:


That seems to directly contradict what the app says when setting up a fixed schedule.

Also, contradicts the instructions for new seed. See article here.

Also, wasn’t sure I understood proposed workaround using manual Soak Times.