Fixed Schedule but no Weather Intelligence options

I just had some new seed put in and I’m using a Fixed Schedule to water every 6 hours. The last couple of days, we’ve had rain and I’ve noticed there this new schedule is not skipping waterings due to rain. I have been manually delaying waterings but I would like to know why Weather Intelligence isn’t working. To clarify, WI is not even an option in the setup of the schedule.

I just tried setting up an hourly schedule, and I couldn’t find anything for weather intelligence either. A quick workaround would be to create a separate fixed schedule for each time (a total of four for the 6 hour intervals). I tested that using specific days, and that worked to let you pick your weather intelligence options.

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Correct, hourly schedules do not support WI.

Another option is creating a fixed schedule with manual soak times of six hours in between watering :wink:


That seems to directly contradict what the app says when setting up a fixed schedule.

Also, contradicts the instructions for new seed. See article here.

Also, wasn’t sure I understood proposed workaround using manual Soak Times.

This question was brought up in 2018 and is exactly what I’m running into now, as it does say WI can be added to a fixed schedule. Any updates on this?

Hourly schedules still do not support WI. We have no plans to change that functionality.

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Ok, I think the wording in the fixed schedule picture made it confusing. I’m in the same boat as someone above, wanting to lightly water my recently aerated and seeded lawn. Ideally I’d like to have it done at 6am, noon, 6pm, and that’s it (no midnight watering). I’d also like it to skip if it’s raining. Easiest way to set up a schedule like that?

3 fixed schedules. That’s how I do mine. And I set one of the schedules up for 3 weeks, one for 2 weeks, and one for 1 week so it automatically tapers off without me having to do anything. And I use the rain skip on them.

I set them up the first year, and now each year I just go in and change the dates. Easy peasy.

Thanks for the tip! I set up three new fixed daily schedules:
Seed Growth 6am
Seed Growth 12pm
Seed Growth 6pm

Running 5min per zone with weather skip. Should work our perfect for me, albeit a convoluted way to make it work. You think they’d have a similar schedule for the number of users who aerate and seed their lawns each year. Oh well, this will do.

Thanks again.

I’m using my Rachio for the first time on newly seeded lawn. I expected it to be great and so far am massively dissapointed by how “smart” it isnt. It really cannot be said to work for new seed. At least it certainly isnt better than a standard setup. Im hoping the experience will improve enough to wash away this bitter start. I think i expected something like a button for “germinate” , then “grass species” and away it goes. . . . haha. sci-fi dreams.

Here’s another way to create a schedule for watering new seed. It’s a clunky work around until Rachio adds some kind of easy new seed feature, but it works. You will have to have your other (non-new seed) zones set to water at night while this schedule is enabled.