Fixed schedule: after changing start date= tomorrow and interval days 30, still says will water tomorrow

I’m using fixed schedules with interval days with no weather intelligence (all I want is a simple controller that can be controlled remotely). Last watering date for my trees zone was 12 days ago, and zone view shows it would water again in few days. Due to cold weather, I tried to change interval days to 30… nope can’t do that, it only allows up to 21 days (why?). So I set the start date to tomorrow and the interval to 21 days. Zone view should show it will water in 21 days form tomorrow, but instead it incorrectly shows it will water tomorrow. So I had to disable the schedule until I can solve this issue.

Rachio will start a newly created schedule on the date you specify for start and then apply the interval. To do what you want you can create a schedule using tomorrow as the start date and enable it. Then skip the first scheduled run. The next run will be scheduled based on the interval you set.


Thanks, now I understand how it works