Fixed and/or Flex Gen 2 Schedules Skipped 100% of the time!


This is my third season using a Rachio Gen2, and I’ve had nothing but problems this year - presumably since the iOS app version was updated, or Controller firmware (if it has been?), or the release of the Rachio Gen3 hardware.

So to start, previously used flex schedules do not work, at all. Each scheduled start time is skipped and the app shows an error message which states something like the following:

“Weather Intelligence Update: [Schedule Name] was not skipped because your weather station [Weather Station Name] observed: 0.00 in of predicted and 0.00 in observed precipitation. 5mph winds. 45 degree temp.”

To me, is contradictory, as the notification states the schedule was NOT skipped, yet the behavior of device was that the schedule WAS skipped. Secondly, the reason for the schedule being skipped is unknown; none of the conditions for validly skipping a scheduled run were ever met.

I then disabled the previously used flex schedules, and created new replacement flex schedules; the behavior did not change. I then disabled all schedules, and created new fixed schedules; again, the behavior did not change. I then reset the Rachio controller, via the iOS app, and then created new fixed schedules; again the behavior did not change.

Please investigate and push a fix for issues like this; very frustrating to be forced to manually run. Might as well detach the Rachio controller, and go back to the legacy style irrigation controller at this point.


Sorry you are having issues. I had the team review and it looks like your rain sensor is activated which will not allow any scheduled schedules from running. The team is working on getting this status more visible on the dashboard in an upcoming release. Here is some helpful information on troubleshooting rain sensors. It could also be wired incorrectly.

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