Fittings for install

Update. Turns out sharkbit only offers 1"PVC to 1" PVC couplings in the slip version and not just straight couplings at this time. Part number 1" PVC X 1" PVC SLIP COUPLING (UIP3020)

The only Sharkbit fitting I can find that fits the FLOW METER is the 1 in. Brass Push-to-Connect PVC IPS x CTS Conversion Coupling. This wont work since I am wanting to connect to inch PVC. Any one else have any luck finding a sharkbit connector?
I may be stuck using the Orbit connecters.

Rachio likely chose those Orbit fittings for lack of a Sharkbite offering. If there’s nothing in Sharkbite’s catalog that meets your needs and plumbing specifications there’s nothing left to do but use Rachio’s recommendations or get extremely creative while strictly following Rachio’s guidelines.

Sharkbite Catalog for download:


Yup… only offering is the slip fittings in PVC to PVC.