Fittings for 3/4" pipe - Wireless Flow Meter

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Hey @IxsharpxI :slight_smile:

This link will take you to our Wireless Flow Meter Quick Start Guide, directly to the install instructions. Click the link that corresponds with your pipe size and type (copper, PVC, or PEX) and that will take you to those specific instructions. Then click down to “Required Parts & Fittings” and you’ll see a list of the required fittings!

Let me know if you have more questions!

:cheers: Lo

ok i see the directions for 3/4 PEX. can i take my 6" of straight pipe that i was gonna use before, and add the 6" transition of 1" pipe and then the flowmeter, back into the 3/4"?

@IxsharpxI - could you share a photo of the setup so we can triple check? It seems to be compatible but I want to be sure before I confirm.

@IxsharpxI Should be good to go! Let us know if you run into any issues :slight_smile:

no i just have to figure out how to get one of the 1" fittings off the flow meter :frowning: i already put them on.

or can i do another 6" transition?

edit: got it off.

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In a bit warmer weather we will turn the water back on and see if i built a pipe or a shower! Ha


Success, dry, enclosed pipe! :grin: