First time hunter SRC 900i replacement with Rachio 3

I bought a Rachio 3 - 8 zone system to replace my Hunter SRC 900i, but have not connected it yet. I have following questions:

  1. It seems my current system has something called SRR(image attached) and it is wired in the system, does Rachio have connection ports for this or should I just leave those wires not connected?

  2. Also attached is my current wiring diagram. I am confused which one would be my common wire because as per hunter’s documentation (also attached) RS port has Common and the weather sensor wire attached together. From general wiring practice is white wire would most likely be a common wire?

  3. Also because Rachio supports hyperweather, can I skip connecting the weather sensor (do not know what current model is)?

  4. Regardless, If I decide to connect the weather station to the Rachio system, how do I wire them, meaning on which port the current brown wire connected on RS would connect on Rachio? and where do I connect the black wire connected to C currently?


  1. Not needed, the Rachio app is the remote

  2. White wire should be common. The black and brown go to the rain sensor.

  3. Your choice - belts and suspenders.

  4. S1 and 24 VAC -

and enable the sensor in the app.

Thank you @Dlane
On 4th topic, out of black and brown wire which one goes to S1 and 24 VAC?

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I will try to answer your questions:

  1. No SRR exists for Rachio and is not really needed as you would use the app on your smartphone.
  2. Wiring: see below
  3. At least to begin with, I would not connect the weather sensor to see how well the weather works for you. You can always add it later.
  4. If you add the weather sensor in the future, I believe it depends on the sensor itself. In any case and as long as it is two wires, one wire goes to S1 -or- S2 and the other to common, 24VAC, OR -24VAC.

AC--------Black & Red----use supplied Rachio power and app (not SRR)

  • Black believe power, red seems to be for SRR

AC--------Black & White–use supplied Rachio power and app (not SRR)

  • Black believe power, use supplied Rachio power; white seems to be for SRR

R----------Blue---------------use app
RS--------Brown & White-

  • hard to tell from picture where wires are going, but would guess brown going to sensor. If correct, this leaves white to go to Rachio Common


  • goes to the weather sensor with one wire from RS


I saw someone was typing while I was typing earlier, so this may be duplicate information and definitely more than you were asking (I included all wires, especially the obvious ones, sorry).

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Thank You. @Thomas_Lerman

Between black and brown wire for weather sensor does it matter - which one goes to S1 and 24 VAC?

@sampat - doesn’t matter. It is simply a switch that opens and closes.

@Thomas_Lerman - that was me typing fast to beat your post :rofl:

From what I can tell from the Hunter manual, LIT-185.RevC (, it does not matter.

I realize your is wired and I found a page on the wireless model at Rachio compatibility with Hunter Rain-Clik Wireless Rain Sensor . . . and I just found the page about a basic rain sensor going to S1 or S2 AND -24VAC: Rachio compatibility with a wired rain sensor ( I just noticed that @DLane also said “24VAC-” and @sampat dropped the negative sign.

@DLane, it looks like you beat me to it again. :wink:

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