First run of Rachio and I hear rattling coming from my valves

Hey all,

Hoping to get a bit of insight from the forum. I just installed my new Rachio and configured everything. I have a pretty simple system with only 4 zones. Tonight the schedule ran and on one of my zones I hear a nasty rattling that seems to continue as long as that zone is under water. When the Rachio shuts down the zone the pitch of the rattle gets higher and then stops once the valve is closed. I’m new to lawn irrigation, is this hammering? I don’t remember hearing this when I ran the old controller, but in all honesty before the Rachio I wasn’t paying as much attention.


Thank you!

Go into advanced settings and there is a setting to control pipe hammering.

Sure sounds like hammering. My guess is it was there before you installed the Rachio. It’s like sometimes when you install something, you look at the whole system and notice something that you didn’t see before. Installing a controller shouldn’t change anything with the valves,

We had the same problem as described above.

Advanced -> Control Pipe Hammering -> enable.

Fixed it for us - now nice and quiet.


@rteslow Like the awesome community users mentioned @ghctim @bwjordan @rockinray , you can try this:

What we do is always keep water running through your system by slightly overlapping zones when they are turning on/off. This sometimes help with keeping your water pressure consistent. We never fully shut off the water.


@rteslow, just curious, did the Water Hammer feature correct this issue for you?

Best, Emil

@emil, all,

Thank you all for the replies. I have yet tested due to my watering schedule. I’ll run it tonight and report tomorrow.



@rteslow, any updates? The suspense is killing me! :wink:

Hi all,

Sorry for the late response. So far I cannot officially find where the problem noise is actually coming from. I enabled the water hammering feature which I do think quieted down the noise a bit, but it did not make the noise go away. I crawled down into my crawl space to find the source and to my dismay couldn’t find it. At this point my best guess is that its either the backflow preventer, which I have yet to locate, or it’s just the noise my system makes when the water is flowing through the valves. I’m at a loss.

Good news is the Rachio works great and I have no complaints there! Now if I can just fix the noise…



@rteslow, thanks for the update! I’m sorry to hear you’re still having trouble finding the source of the noise. I responded to someone with a similar issue a month or two ago. Perhaps some of tips I offered then could help you too?

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil