First and second lights on solid white

Yesterday my R3 lost wifi, light code (First light section solid, with second light section blinking yellow). I reconnected it without issue. The controller is working as normal again but the first and second light sections are solid white. What does that mean? There’s no explanation of that light code here: Light Codes (Rachio 3)

I keep the light bar off in settings so its weird seeing those lights on, no zones actively watering.

That’s my setup. Two days still both solid white light. Is this normal??

It also watered zone 5 two days in a row, which it has not done before. I find that kind of odd too.

Interesting. That particular light code combination does not appear to be documented at all.

@dane: ping

Thanks for flagging @jseymour :pray:

@questioneverything could you please DM me your serial number and account email address?


@jseymour @dane

Thanks for the help but it’s back to normal again! I just toggled the brightness setting on and off, lol. Thought I had already tried that. Guess those sections were just stuck like that after re-connecting the wifi?

If there’s any info from the device that you still want to look at let me know and I’ll send that DM.
Everything is working normal now though :smile:

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I’m glad that it is working! ! I’ve never seen this occur. So, if you get a chance please send me the serial number so I can document it for later investigation if we see it reported again.