Firmware Updates?

Do we get notifications when there is a firmware update or is it automatically pushed to our controllers and if so, do we get a notification of the push?

Firmware updates are normally pushed automatically and no notification is given.

If you suspect that a firmware update caused an issue, you can view the current firmware version at Controller Settings -> Technical Info and compare to previous observations.

If you suspect that the lack of a firmware update is causing you trouble, support can push a particular version to your controller.

Thanks for the info @Stewart

I was actually more interested in what each update contains and how often they are done. I’m sure we would all appreciate a notification when an update is made and at least a link to a page that details what that update contains. That does seem to be an accepted common practice with every software platform I’ve ever seen.


I thank you also for this answer related to software updates. I do agree with @johnmsch regarding notification. I am sure that many of us that have purchased the new version of the Rachio watering system did so for the technology and not just the function. This is not just a sprinkler controller. I for one felt that this device not only repesented that Rachio builds state
-of-the-art technology but more importantly understands
the watering business. That is represented by all the configuration items that go into determining a watering schedule. Implementing this system has been an education in watering that goes far beyond time and duration.
So, I would agree that best practices would dictate that push notification goes hand in hand with push updates.

Thanks for listening

Rick Diederich