Fine tuning flex schedule using available water capacity

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@rrubino I suggest starting with the defaults. You can then tweak them if you feel that your grass should be getting watered more or less frequently.

I agree, that’s a huge challenge. It’s a function of how your irrigation system was setup however, so no controller would really be able to address that.

Keep in mind that with the longer watering times, you should expect to see less frequent watering. If you look at the total water delivered by your system over the period of a few weeks, or a month, you should see that you used less or the same water overall.

The grass seems about right, but it’s hard for me to comment on the others as they are a function of your vegetation. I don’t have any citrus. Maybe others here can comment?

Good work sticking with it. It seems like you’re figuring it out and it will ultimately pay off to do so!


thanks again! The citrus is in good shape since its on its own zone with heavy flow bubblers. One question i do have regarding grass tho is: when you overseed for winter, do you typically do set/timed intervals for seeding? For example I usually water 4x per day for 5 min each zone to get the seed going. Do you all use this approach with Rachio? I would assume so but thought i’d ask since I’m new to the differences.

Yep. I set up fixed schedules for the overseeding period. Once the grass is established you can switch to Flex.

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Here’s what I set up today. 4 fixed interval schedules

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Regarding crop coefficient I set my citrus coefficient using the number found at this website with a tweak since my trees aren’t considered established and also I am in AZ while the below numbers were developed in Cali

I currently have them set at .95.

For non fruit/vegetable plants I’ve found it pretty hard to find a good crop coefficient. When I googled the plant type I had to browse several websites and if I was lucky I sometimes found research papers that calculated crop coefficients for plants related to the one I was looking for.

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