Filling the pool with a Rachio Gen 2, and adding Siri voice commands

I have a small pool without filler valve so I had to manually turn on an outdoor spigot to fill the pool when the water levels go down. I forgot to turn it off once for an hour so the pool overflow and my water bill went up almost $100.

I was thinking on the best solution to avoid that happening again, and with some research I bought a 3/4-Inch Automatic Converter Valve Sprinkler System and some sprinkler wire and connected the white wire to the common port of the rachio and one of the color wires to one of the unused zones (#7 on my case).

Then I configured a new zone on my Rachio called “Pool” and put it on a separate schedule from my lawn so that it runs 30 mins once a week (or whatever you need to keep the water levels).

Voila, a very elegant and cost efficient solution (paid less than $100) to fill my pool.

I did a couple of enhancements to be able to control the water levels remotely when I am on vacation

  1. Remote water monitoring levels: Installed a Wyze Cam V3 and pointed it out to the pool where the water fill pipe comes out. If you don’t have power nearby you can use the Wyze Outdoor cam (the rechargeable battery last 6 months). In this way I can check the pool water levels from anywhere in the world and verify the pool is indeed getting filled when I tell it to the Rachio controller

  2. Created an automation using the Rachio API so I can just use Siri to fill the pool. I press the Siri button on my Apple Watch and say “Siri, fill the pool for 30 minutes” and then look at through my Wyze cam to see it happen. I am happy to write a post about it, if enough people think it maybe interesting

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Awesome. There are a number of people that have used Rachio to fill pools, fountains, landscape lighting controller, even watering foundations. While not the original intent, it’s good that people can find other uses, as long as they are willing to stay within the limits of what Rachio was intended for…a sprinkler control timer.

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I’d be interested knowing how you got Siri to do this. As you probably know, HomeKit support for the Rachio controller has been discontinued.


Very simple using the Rachio API. Just follow the instructions to get the API key and use the end point /public/zone/start that allows you to start a zone.

Create an iOS shortcut with the following settings:

  • Action: Get contents of URL
  • Method: PUT
  • URL:
  • HTTP Headers:
    ** Content-Type: application/json
    ** Authorization: Bearer
  • Request Body Type: JSON
  • Request Body Contents:
    ** id:
    ** duration:

Screen Shot 2023-07-22 at 2.13.29 PM

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