Filling the bucket?

After 2 years of fixed with weather intel I switched to flex daily. I created daily flex, waited a couple of weeks and the did some tweaking in Advanced.

But I wanted to get a solid, objective start so I made good notes, then deleted my flex daily, made sure all my zones were set up as best I knew, and then created a new flex daily, letting it determine all the duration times, etc.

Littleton, Co. Clay, Kentucky Blue, Slope, Some shade. In/hr based on catch cup, mad 50%.

Pretty hot and dry the last couple of weeks. Seeing Et of .2

Saw several posts that seemed to imply that the rachio provided run times should " fill the bucket" with every watering. My waterings are .45 inch, which only get me about half way to full.

Grass is ok, just trying to not water over frequently.

Just interested in the Rachio opinion because it lives near me in Denver.

Won’t always fill, but will keep it above your Allowed Depletion setting and 110%.