Will someone explain how Fill/Empty works?
I notice my shrubs were looking a little down on water so instead of just dragging a hose all the way to the plants and manually watering them I went for the fill/empty option. Before a made it to the zone I saw that on the home page of the app that the zone was scheduled to run in a few hours. I went ahead and clicked “fill” anyways. When I dropped back to the home page the schedule was gone. So I went back a clicked empty and the schedule came back. Huh?

Fill virtually fills your soil moisture, it doesn’t cause a zone’s irrigation to run. Empty removes all the moisture from the chart/virtual soil. So if you did a fill, then the Flex Daily schedule thinks that you have all the moisture you need, so it will not water until needed. When you do empty, Flex will see you have no water in your soil column and will want to water.

Example of use: It storms like crazy and your weather station is broke or you never had one and your soil is completely saturated with water. You’d run Fill to tell Flex Daily that you’re fine and need no watering. Empty is a little challenging to find a good example for… maybe you take a bulldozer and strip the land 12” of lead contaminated soil and then you deposit 12” of uncomtaminated dry top soil but the Zone thinks it has some water in it. Then you’d do an Empty to tell Flex you need ALL the water.


Valve broke, zone didn’t water even though Iro thinks it did :slight_smile:
Or for those with water sensors: Some neighborhood idiot turned all my nozzles to face the street and thus my lawn never received the water it was supposed to :rofl:


Thank you for clearing that up for me. Appreciated immensely.