Fill bird bath

Fill bird bath
Here in Sierra Vista, AZ, it gets quite hot and around 10% humidity in the late spring and summer. Having a bird bath always filled is a desire of ours.

We have the 3rd gen Rachio and found the interval watering schedule which is an improvement over the previous gens.

We will run the zone every 4 hours for 4 minutes to keep the birds baths filled and fresh.

However, it doesn’t need to run 24/7. It just needs to run during set hours. If it could run from 6am to 6pm would save some water and still keep the birds happy. If there is a way to do that I haven’t found it.

Rachio works very well with our trees, potted plants and raised gardens. Thanks for all your hard work!


I would set it up on 2 cycle and soak programs. Start 1at 6am with a 4 hour soak then start the 2nd cycle/soak at 2pm with the same 4 hour soak.

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I’ll give that a try, thanks! Sounds a lot better than interval.

When you run a cycle and soak no other zones will water until that cycle and soak is complete. Love cycle and soak but it has limitations…

Now that the really dry weather has come to AZ the dishes I have setup for birds are drying out by the end of the day. So I setup a test to see if water was filling the dishes as programmed.

I tried to share a screen shot of my test.
If it doesn’t upload I’ll list them. 1st I ran Quick Run to verify that the valve was working and it is. The dishes fill in about 2 min.

Resolved by deleting schedule and creating a new one. As someone pointed out having multiple schedules works better than one.

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