Figs and Oranges

So stone fruit harvest is done, and it was successful thanks to Rachio Iro’s Flex Daily watering. Now we’re waiting on figs and oranges, also being watered by Flex Daily. Looking good so far in spite of some severe heat, winds resulting in high ET (up to 0.4”). No leaf scorch or signs of over watering. We’ve a new avocado tree that is happy as a clam. I’m extremely satisfied with these results. Got another heat wave with winds starting today.


@Kubisuro Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing. Very jealous out here in CO.



The jealousy of this bounty would end once you’ve endured our 95-106 degree summer days with 20 mph north winds and no rain in sight until November :wink: sometimes I don’t think the climate is worth enduring even with the excellent growing conditions for all manner of vegetation. Mediterranean climate is brutal in the summer but fall-spring is glorious!

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I really need to invest some time in redoing the drip on my fruit trees. I have the luxury of flood irrigation, but it rarely works out with my schedule that I can actually get it, and the drip that the current trees have is not adequate at all. I’ve got lead scortch like you wouldn’t believe.

I’ll add that they are on the same zone as my regular trees, but each only have 2 2gph emitters, while the other trees have anywhere from 4-8 depending on size…so this isn’t a problem with Rachio!