Fewer wires than working zones

Just bought a new house and the existing Hunter Pro C has space for 12 Zones but only 10 of them are wired up. however, all 12 zones are working. I am trying to figure out how they managed this before I swap out the units. I have a 16 Zone rachio than I had my previous house I brought with me. I’m going to try and attach

a picture for better explanation

I am seeing numbers to the left of the upper set of terminals (in black) that do not match all the numbers just to the right of the terminals (in the case). So, I took a look at a manual: OM_ProC_EM.pdf (hunterindustries.com)

I see on page 10, that it the base installation is four stations (zones) and can be expanded with different modules for different number of zones. Therefore, I would believe the numbers by the terminals first.

With that said, I am seeing what appears to be (bottom to top terminals)

  1. Bottom block
    1. COM (Common): 2 white wires (a note on page 11 says the common was moved below P/MV as it appears to be the case in your picture)
    2. P/MV (Pump/Master Valve): not connected
    3. Zone 1
    4. Zone 2
    5. Zone 3
  2. Middle Block
    1. Zone 4
    2. Zone 5
    3. Zone 6
  3. Top Block
    1. Zone 7
    2. Zone 8
    3. Zone 9
    4. Zone 10
    5. Zone 11
    6. Zone 12
    7. Zone 13: not connected
    8. Zone 14: not connected
    9. Zone 15: not connected

Not every thing is readable to me from the picture, but the above is what it looks like to me.



You are correct it’s that simple I could have just counted wires but instead I matched the wires to the numbers printed on the case not on the modules thank you for the stupid mistake being fixed easily. I missed it sorry and thank you

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No worries, I am glad you asked before you actually make a “stupid mistake” by hooking it up wrong. It was a great question though. So, what was that saying, “The only stupid question is the question that is never asked”.