Fertizlier Question

Hey, I wasn’t sure if I can ask a general lawn maintenance watering question around here, but here goes: I’m going to add some fertilizer to my Bermuda which is coming out of dormancy. I never quite figured this out: Do I need to water several times a day for a few days after applying? Or do I just need to give it a good soak immediately after applying and water as I have been up until now with my Iro. Thanks!

I never do anything special, just apply it usually the evening before a scheduled watering turn. Bermuda is bulletproof in any case.

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The next normal sprinkle cycle will water it in. However, I run mine for like 3 minutes to get it wet and attach it a bit to the ground, so if its windy or a good rain, it will not wash away as easy.

Also, I have all my zones defined as a steep slope, just to limit runoffs.I have no interest in fertilizing my neighbors yard :slight_smile:

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:smiling_imp: That’s hilarious :smiling_imp:

Totally, my issue would be fertilizing in between my pavers or gravel. I haven’t played around with slope setting, but I’m assuming a steeper slope will still water the same amount for the day, just spread out more over time with breaks in between?

Yes, it’s awesome. It will water for 4 minutes or so, and go to the next one. I think there is a minimum of 30 minutes before it starts watering that zone again, so sometimes it will take a pause and start again.

You will have to be more,specific.

My yard just exited dormancy but I usually don’t apply nitrogen till now, early nitrogen has been shown to cause stem shoot for the whole season.

If you applied something hot like urea or ammonium nitrate, yes, you need to water it in very well, and follow up with a watering in 2 days. These ferts will increase your lawns water usage because they go straight in the root and increases chloroplast and chlorophyll production which requires for carbs which requires more photosythesis, the uptake is very quick and the accelerated plant growth can be seen within 1 day. Urea will linger in the soil for ~3 days and ammonium nitrate ~2 days before leaching through.

If you pt a slow release them the watering requirements are much less. Water after application to wash in the small amounts of urea or an, then business as usual.

If you,are throwing hot stuff you can burn the yard as the prills have a pretty low critical relative humidity and it can cause localized burning where the prill fell.

It’s a good idea.

I already 2 moderate and 1 steep slope, I can’t define the others as such, takes too long to water.

I have a small window where I like to water. But it is cool for manually triggering a watering schedule after throwing the meat to your yard.

I’m not quite a pro when it come to knowing what is needed. I’m aware of NPK and that’s about it. I never find a correct NPK ratio when I go to the store looking for a specific ratio. I buy whatever weed-n-feed is at lowe’s currently so I’m sure more knowledgable people like you will tell me not to do that. My grass is about half green right now so I’m guessing I’m already exited dormancy. I currently have an unopened bag of weed-n-feed 28-0-4

I have no idea, if you had a soil analysis we could narrow it down. The weed and feeds are good. With Bermuda, will need to get some iron in there as well.iron is used by the plant to catalyze chlorophyll production so iron brings in green without cause growth surge.

For this early in the season I would go for a lower n. I have thrown a small amount of 18-4-10, my yard leaches off potassium so I need that higher k, but keeping nitrogen low right now is best, then crank it up closer to the end of my. I spray liquid k to supplement as well. But for now, I have put out 6 lbs of said fert per 1000 foot.

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