Fertilizer Injector for Drip

Has anyone successfully integrated a good fertilizer injection system using the Rachio and drip? I have all drip irrigation using the Rachio and it works very well, from everything from trees, shrubs, and lawn, but I would like to fertilize periodically through the drip system.

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I’ve had an Ez-Flo system for my Netafim turf drip system for almost 17 years https://ezfloinjection.com/products/dispensing-systems/main-line-models-standard-capacity/#toggle-id-1
Not really dependent/integrated with Rachio since it adds fertilizer with every watering.

Thank you. I like it because it only puts fertilizer in when the irrigation system is running.

I am thinking seriously about the EZ flow but have not used it yet. I am curious if you use the Rachio for lawn drip. If so do you use the flex daily? I can’t seem to get this to work appropriately for drip as drip should run daily and not skip. It should vary the time, but not skip days unless moisture level is at the set point before watering time.