Fertigation integration with Rachio

What fertigation solutions are people using with Rachio?

I want to be able to have different fertilizers for different zones. I have been looking at ez flo and other systems, but without going into a commercial fertigation and mixing system at a ridiculous cost I have not been able to do what I want.

So I am thinking of using a PI with pumps for each fertilizer pumping into a mixing tank and then a Mazzei injector to pull from the mixing tank. I would use the rachio notifications to trigger the mixing events and mix with enough water in the tank to cover the run time for the zone.

Any thoughts?

Home Depot sells SprinkleRite… BEWARE that this system is not safe to be used on municipal water systems unless isolated from the building water supply and installed using a certified double check backflow presenter. Its a simple system essentially using a venturi valve to such whatever you dump into the supply tank into your sprinkler system… and then its mixed with the supply water and dispenses onto your plants. There are more sophisticated systems out there… but my main concern in contaminating the drinking water. Following this thread to see what everyone else has to say