Feeling really stupid - what is the definition of the acronym iro

and what does rachio mean…

Acronym Definition
IRO In Receipt Of
IRO International Relations Office
IRO Independent Review Organization (insurance industry)
iRO International Ragnarok Online (gaming)
IRO In Respect Of
IRO International Refugee Organization
IRO Inland Revenue Ordinance
IRO Investor Relations Officer
IRO Industrial Relations Ordinance (Pakistan)
IRO Internationale Rettungshunde Organisation (German: International Rescue Dog Organisation)
IRO International Rescue Dog Organisation
IRO International Relief Organization
IRO Interest Rate Option
IRO Independent Rental Owners
IRO Institution of Railway Operators (UK)
IRO Internal Review Office
IRO Industrial Relations Office
IRO In Region Of
IRO International Regulatory Outlook (FSA, London, UK)
IRO Independent Research Organization
IRO International Relief Officer (airlines)
IRO United Nations International Refugee Organization
IRO Instructor Rated Operator
IRO Incident Response Operations (NRC)
IRO Isolant Rigide Ordinaire (French: Stiff Ordinary Insulation)
IRO Investment Research Outsourcing
IRO Insulated Uranium Oxide
IRO Independent Review Officer/Office
IRO Istanbul Turist Rehberleri Odasi (Turkey, Istanbul tourist guides union)
IRO Internal Replenishment Order (Inventory Control Application Systems)
IRO Indian Research Organisation
IRO Iron Rock Off Road, Inc (Shakopee, MN)
IRO Indian Robotics Olympiad (Bangalore, India)

Another stupid question…If I read my own topic does it increase the views count?

Iro ~ sounds like irrigation :wink:

:cheers: :colorado:

So all of us here are referring to a physical device as a method? Or is it the other way around…

“Irrigation is the method in which water is supplied to plants at regular intervals for agriculture .”

I’d like to unofficially change the acronym to ric = rachio intelligent controller (gen1) and ric2 (gen2).



I like the unofficial acronym. We have a Ric here in the office he might get a kick out of this.

Thank you for your support!

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I have the same 2 questions? Seriously folks, what does IRO mean in reference to Rachio’s controller, and also where did you come up with the name Rachio? I have a potential client that will not go forward until he gets this info. Why? He won’t tell me.


ha, i’ve wondered the same… also, i’ve wanted to know what do I actually call my device… is it my Iro or my Rachio?

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Feel free to let your client know that IRO was a truncated way of saying irrigation. And, Rachio is latin for spine or backbone.

I hope that helps.


It’s your device so you can call it whatever you would like.:wink: