Features Needed Wish List

I have been working on a spreadsheet of every wifi residential controller on the market, and must say it’s been amazing to see how many products are out there. Here are some features I’ve found that might be good for Rachio:

  1. Snooze, pause feature
  2. Dormancy feature
  3. New landscape establishment
  4. On board wifi at remote locations
  5. Auxiliary relay to operate appliances, open gates, turn on Christmas lights, ponds, etc.
  6. Expansion modules
  7. Motion detector, camera monitor
  8. Add on to host controller with no limits on zones
  9. Faceplate buttons, knobs and detail
  10. More robust transformers and terminal wiring like Rain Bird, Toro and Hunter, although their other features suck)

What does everyone think. Are any of these on your wish list. Rachio is still the best. Customer service is exceptional.


As a stand alone irrigation controller, Rachio is doing an outstanding job.
There is a cycle soak feature for new landscapes and the pause feature is
available. While you start a “Quick Run”, you can push the pause button and have
it pause for 15 minutes, 30 minutes or for 1 hour.

For all the other features, sync everything to your Alexa or equivalent device and let it control it for you.

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