Feature suggestion for app


I was talking to my landscaper today while having my sprinklers blown out for winter he made a couple of suggestions. The main one was that he wanted to be able to cycle through all zones but be able to fast forward to the next zone when felt the current zone was finished. He said that typically the first run through the system each zone might be able to use a 1 or 2 minute setting but that on subsequent cycles through that it would save him a lot of time to be able to move to the next zone manually. I think that this could be accomplished easily if a test schedule was auto included that would go through all zones in the system for a configurable amount of time with both a fast forward button and rewind button, even on the current place where I can run zones. He said when doing 10 to 20 blow outs per day this would save a bunch of time and hassle compared to how things are currently set up.


Hey @JeremyInMT-
Thank you for the feedback and the mock up! We actually have received multiple suggestions where the ability to skip through running zones more easily would be useful. Definitely something we are looking into!
McKynzee :rachio:


Awesome! My landscaper said that these devices are great but without this kind of feature, he’ll still be recommending something non-techy from Lowe’s, etc, with this capability.