Feature Request: Zone type Other or Water Feature

Our sprinkler system has a zone which feeds into our pool so we can fill it during the hot summer months.

There’s not really a way to classify the zone. A zone “Other” would be helpful - or maybe “Water Feature” or “Utility”.


That is an excellent idea. That would surely needs it carefully calculated variables to accompany it.

I do program pools, ponds, fountains and birdbaths into the Rachio controllers. I have found it best to program at the settings for “Warm Season Grass” since the surface square feet of a pool, evaporates at a similar rate as grass.

There is some minor adjustments involved depending on plaster colors as well as if the pool is 100% chlorine adjusted or if it has a salt system.

Whichever label you put on your pool with the Rachio Controller, you can always put your custom photo of the zone.