Feature request: Table of typical landscape plants to assist in setup

I’ve been using Rachio for a month or so and have finally gotten my zones settled and using the Flex Daily schedule for most. The hardest problem I faced was evaluating what type of plants I have. I found the descriptions (e.g., shrubs vs perennials) hard to decipher, and getting crop coefficients and root depths particularly difficult. Rachio could ease setup by starting up a table with the following structure on their website:

  1. Plant name
  2. Zone type for that plant
  3. Root depth
  4. Crop coefficient or coefficient range (e.g., 0.2-0.4, 0.4-0.6 etc.).

You could do that for many of the typical landscape plants and cover a lot of what we need without each of us having to do our own difficult research. Some plants are similar and could be grouped into the same row in the table–for example, there are lots of different lavender species, but I suspect all could be one entry.