Feature request: sprinkler valve fault checking

The common wire for a couple of zones popped out of the terminal, and I only discovered it because some plants were looking really dry. Using the app, I did a manual run, and the controller/app thought everything was ok/operational but it wasn’t. Should be able to check for a voltage drop (or absence of a voltage drop) when a run starts, and present an error to the user if an open circuit is detected.

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I would love that feature as well. I got used to it on a few other controllers but I am all Rachio now.

By installing the Gen 3 with the wireless flow meter, you can accomplish the work around for the broken wire. The controller will send you a “Low Flow” alert when that station is running and the valve does not open or the wiring has failed.

I see that from time to time on my alerts from my customers. That gives me a chance to notify them of a needed repair instead of waiting for the foliage to fail due to lack of water.

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