Feature request: integrate with Flume API


I have a Flume meter installed on the irrigation supply. Flume alerts me on leaks but it cannot alert me on undersupply issues during irrigation. As far as I can tell it works very well.

However, Flume has an API. It should be straightforward for Rachio to consume this data to use as a flow meter…then Rachio can alert me on undersupply/oversupply issues, assuming both devices are online, which is an acceptable requirement for me.

In the past I have had multiple issues where landscapers shut off the supply but did not disable the controller, smart valves shut off accidentally, etc., and this would prevent this as well as provide flow data for smarter irrigation.

In theory I could integrate both Rachio and Flume in a separate automation platform via their APIs, but this doesn’t seem to be well-supported (or really supported at all, in Smartthings at least), and reliability is paramount, so community support is insufficient. However, it would be an effective replacement for the Wireless Flow Meter functionality if Rachio integrated it directly.


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