[Feature Request] Allow water before sunrise on multiple schedules

Feature Request: Can you please allow “End before sunrise” for watering time on multiple schedules?

Scenario: I use Flex Daily schedule, but need to disable it and go to a fixed schedule due to heavy water restrictions. Once the restrictions are lifted, I’ll disable the fixed schedule and enable my daily schedule. The problem though is since the sunrise option is specified on the daily flex schedule, I cannot use this same time and need to manually type the time in.

My feedback: It seems kinda weird that you are not allowed to leverage this option on multiple schedules. If the scenario is to block someone from running the same zones at the same time, this is more of a bug since when you specify a manual time, odds are you are going to schedule it over the same time as the other schedule. Having the ability to leverage the same zones and times between schedules (but maybe only make one active at any given time) would be highly useful since it isn’t uncommon to enable/disable schedules based on restrictions.

Thank you for your consideration.

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It’s been years and Rachio still hasn’t fixed finish before sunrise for even one schedule when it needs to run a partial number of zones. :weary:

I :+1:t2: your request but they have left us with little to no hope this feature will ever be fixed.