Fault Detected

My system showed a Fault Detection last week… Very nice! But, just an fyi - everything behind the zone that was faulted would not run either. I ran the faulted zone manually for a few days until I had time to debug it but didnt realize that there were a couple other zones that were not running because of the fault.
It seems like the good zones should run even if there is a bad zone in the mix.
Also, the documentaition on tracking down the fault was excellent.

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Hey @jackmarkle-

I absolutely agree with you on this. The initial thought was we just wanted to safe guard the controller and stop running when there is any electrical issue. However, now I think we can make it even smarter by just jumping over the zone that is bad, and continue on with the schedule! Thank you for the feedback, I will get it to the team.

You mentioned our documentation being helpful on tracking down the fault- was it equally as helpful in understanding that other zones in that schedule will not run, or could it have been more clear?

McKynzee :rachio:

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I sure see it there now but when I got the fault I couldn’t address it right away and had to just open the valve manually. It didn’t occur to me that it affected zones down the line.

Thank you for putting it on the list. There was no damage done but if someone isnt able to get the fault fixed quickly it could be a big problem especially in the summertime desert heat. If your team can jump over the bad zone that would at least isolate the issue and may save someone a headache.

You guys are the best!!!

Thank you


Another idea @jackmarkle would be to disable that zone until you get it fixed! Then the schedule can run and it will skip that zone. Just make sure to reenable when you are back up and running :blush:

Also- if you would like a professional to come out and fix that zone wiring for you, let me know and I can send a recommendation!

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