Father's Day Ad


I received your Father’s Day email offer today. Let your advertising person know that they picked the perfect picture for at least one customer. It totally took me back to the growing up in Indiana. I remember my parents spending long periods of time spraying with our long hose like that!


I just used this add, as I waited to long and allowed the memorial day discount to expire. Extremely excited about this purchase and can’t wait to get started and remove my old raindial controller. Wondering how long it took others for their shipment to arrive, and if there are any lessons learned with the installation so I can hit the ground running.

Looking forward to installing!


Welcome to the community!



Did you buy an enclosure ? For me replacing my old enclosure with the Rachio enclosure was the bulk of the physical install work. The other thing is that if you do use the Rachio enclosure know that it is meant to be used without the faceplate on installed on the unit. Now figuring out your scheduling is a whole different deal. If you’d like to get the most out of the ‘smart’ part of the controller consider Flex Daily, but it will take some time! Start with one zone and dial in your settings. There’s plenty of up-front work you can do to get ready.
Here is a potential starting point, and welcome to the community !


Fun fact- you can keep the faceplate on the Rachio 3 in the enclosure!! Welcome to the family @dicko423!


I knew for sure that it didn’t fit with Gen2, and incorrectly made the same assumption for Gen3. I’ll have to go home and throw that thing on there now that I know!


No, didn’t purchase enclosure, as unit is central in garage. Thanks!