False Freeze Alert?

I keep getting freeze alerts that turn off watering when the temperature outside is in the 40’s.

The alert reads: “At 06:10 AM, 60 minutes before your schedule’s start time, the weather service in your area has observed the current temperature to be 32°F”

I am using San Jose, CA as my weather station and it is NOT 32 degrees! When the report says “the weather service in your area”, where is is actually getting that information. In the Bay Area we have many micro-climates and temperatures can easily vary by 15 degrees at night and 40 degrees during the day, so a general area wide forecast is not useful.

what’s the specific name of your weather station? (i.e. KDVT is a local one for me)

I’m using KSJC.

The lowest recorded temperature was 42 degrees this morning, although the dew point dropped to 31 degrees. Is it possible Rachio is reading that instead of the actual temperature?



This has happened to me once, here in So Cal. No way we get freezing weather. Never did pinpoint why.

Hi @ray6543! This is strange. I will look into the weather report your controller received and get back to you on what’s going on here.

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So from what I can tell, it looks like we got a bad data point from our weather provider at the time your controller checked the temperature. This happens very rarely, but it does happen! If you continue running into strange behavior from this weather station, we can report the weather station to our provider, but there is a good chance this was a one time “fluke.” Let me know if you run into any other issues.
McKynzee :rachio:

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