Fall Shut Down of system and blow-out

Just installed Rachio 3 smart controller. Come fall when I turn off my watter to sprinkler system, what do I need to do with the controller? Leave it plugged in? Unplug it? Or what?

Some unplug it. I just put mine in standby mode and let it update itself if updates come. I believe I have heard Rachio employees recommend leaving it on. Ultimately, it is up to you.

Thanks Thomas, Is that a setting on my phone app where I find to put it in stand-by mode? I am new to this controller and still learning. Thanks again.

Standby is on the phone app and I believe on the web app as well. I do sometimes blow water out of the system as well, but not always. I do not get much water spraying out with all the king drains I put in.