Fall irrigation system blow out, can wireless flow meter withstand the pressure?

New to the Rachio community and Rachio. Awesome product, BTW, congratulations to the team!

Question about the wireless flow meter. Can it withstand pressure air blow out of the irrigation system in the fall? My service guy connects a compressor before the backflow preventer and blows out the system zone by zone. I don’t know what pressure he uses, but was wondering if the wireless flowmeter can withstand it?


@zeebanker Thanks for asking. This article should help answer your question.


Do you have a Rachio Wireless Flow Meter installed in your system? Unlike most wired flow meters, the Rachio Wireless Flow Meter contains no moving parts and can safely withstand a blowout.


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Thanks for the answer. I have purchased the flow meter with the R3, but am yet to install it. We are getting the system winterized next week, but I think I’ll wait till spring before installing the flowmeter.

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Good question. I blow my line out after backflow and flow sensor but there is still back pressure on the flow meter. Also I was told never blow through the back flow device, as to the “why” I’m not positive.