EyeOnWater integration?


My utility just integrated with EyeOnWater, which now provides daily usage data straight from the meter. There’s no mention of them having an API on their website, but I’d be really surprised if they don’t have one. It seems like this could be an attractive middle ground between a flowmeter that is specific to the irrigation system connected directly to the Iro and the open-loop estimates based on run time and estimated head flow rates.

Is there an opportunity for Rachio to do an API-level integration with EyeOnWater as a lower accuracy (but much easier) alternative to an on-premise flowmeter?



What city is using this technology?

What is your experience like with this so far?

We’re on a private water utility in central California. You can search for participating utilities on the eyeonwater.com website (search by zipcode).

There’s a lot of info here: https://helpeyeonwater.com/ (strange that they registered a separate domain just for information)

My experience so far is very limited. Data is collected hourly but only reported daily. I’d love it if the hourly data were available - that way I could calibrate my flow rates in Rachio even without a direct integration. The big emphasis seems to be on leak detection using hour-over-hour flow measurements. I can see the benefit, but it seems like there’s so much more opportunity here.