Extremely Long Watering Times (5 hours for 1000sqft of lawn?)

Hello. I had my Rachio set in standby mode for about a week and a half while a sprinkler valve was awaiting repair. Now I’ve turned it back on and it wants to run the flex-daily schedule what I feel like is an insane amount. I am located in Colorado and here are my zones:

Zone 1: 5 Impact Sprinkler Heads (I have used the “Rotor Head” setting when setting this zone up) covering approximately 700 sqft of lawn. It wants to run this zone for 176 minutes between midnight and 10 AM.
Zone 2: 6 Fixed Spray Heads covering approximately 250 sqft of lawn. It wants to run this zone for 115 Minutes between midnight and 10 AM.

None of these times are including the soak times, which will push watering well after sunrise.

This seems hugely excessive, and rachio’s own soil metrics are saying that these zones are at 110% soil moisture currently. Is something messed up here? Some kind of calibration issue? Am I just vastly underestimating the amount of water the lawn needs? I got by with ~2 hours of watering every 3 days with my old controller.

You mention your old controller - so has the Rachio ever been working, or is this a brand new install ?

Screenshots of the zone settings/advanced settings?

Have you made some major adjustments to the zone settings, specifically the “inches per hour” setting? Those run times are not correct, unless you happen to be looking at full schedule run time, not just a zone…