Extreme Hot weather additional watering


Is it possible to add watering or prolong the watering duration in extreme hot weather incedents (for example > 105F)?
I’m not talking about seasonal shift by isolated cases of extreme hot weather which last for a few days.


@liorreem Curious what type of schedule(s) are you using?


I started with flex monthly, but since it resulted in 3 day interval, which seems too long for our hot weather, I switched to fixed, with 2 days interval.
My Gardner recommended 1 day intervals…

How do you have your zones set up (soil, sun, etc…)?

Once we get to hot weather, my Flex daily will usually fire every two days, which was more than adequate for my grass…

well, I got 4 zones, every zone is different, some more sunny then others, one is grass, one is bushes, one is trees…
but how do you know it changes at hot weather?
I didn’t see such subject in the “weather intelligence” .

Well, I use Flex Daily, so it is an ever evolving schedule. As it warms up it will tighten the intervals based on the estimated moisture in the soil. I’ve never played with Flex Monthly schedules, so I can’t speak with a ton of knowledge, but it uses historical data to set watering, so I suppose that an unseasonably hot month could throw things off. If you are up for the task, maybe you should look into Flex Daily?

I tried the flex daily and it gave crazy results. Some zone are set for 8 hours of wattering. Some a few minutes. The intervals were random and long and long as well.
I gave up.

Intervals adjust fluidly with Flex Daily, which is the best part about it. It takes some work to make sure that you have the zone set up correctly, but it waters the way you should water, longer durations, less frequently. Not sure what zone you had set up that were running 8 hours, but if you have grass zones with a high precipitation rate, and have cycle soak turned on, the run time will include 30+ minutes of soak for each zone, but actual watering time will be much less.