Extra wires - Sensors? Zones?

I dont have a photograph of the wiring with the previous controller. So, from the mass of wires left on the wall, I put the white wire as common and one of each of the colored wires as a zone. I have two colored wires with no copper showing, so I’m guessing they were never active. I also have two wires that look more like speaker wire that didnt do anything when plugged into a zone. Problem is, I have one sprinkler head that wont come on so maybe there is another zone?? Ideas?

@sixelad610 - it would be rare to have one sprinkler head in a zone by itself. Is the sprinkler head closed? Depending on the type of sprinkler head, there may be a screw in the top that closes off all the water.

Thanks. That makes perfect sense. I guess I’m more concerned about the extra other wires and whether I should plug them in somewhere. I’m including a picture if that helps. Thank you for responding.

The pink and brown are not stripped and the other two are a different kind of wire.

You are correct, the other kind of wire looks like speaker wire. What was your old controller? What was the old wire look like from the power source? Do you see any kind of sensor on the roof or anything?