Extra/missing zone?

So I’m in the process of disconnecting my existing controller (Toro model with a date code of 1992) and I see something odd. It looks like zone 6 isn’t connected to the controller… But there is an extra wire capped off. I assume there was a reason for this. I don’t know where the capped off wire goes to, but could I have a zone that is currently not being utilized? Worst case, what breaks if I wire it in to see what happens?

Zone 6 isn’t connected, but 1-5 and 7-11 are. Is there a reason for this?

Probably could be one of many reasons, off hand, a couple of possibilities are below:

  1. wire was ran, but not connected to anything at either end
  2. zone was combined into another zone
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Worst case, what happens if I wire it in? Can I burn something up in the Rachio?

Worst case, yes, but maybe not so likely. If it were me, I would check out the wiring in the sprinkler boxes. Another option would be to test it with a multimeter, if you have one, to see what the resistance is between that wire and the common wire.