External antenna

You need an external ant option for you controller to access WiFi so it could be mounted in a metal outdoor weatherproof enclosure?

Hey @cufflink-

We offer a weatherproof enclosure that should not affect wifi connectivity! Let me know if that helps.

McKynzee :rachio:

An external antenna would be perfect for my existing outside electrical box. My car charger has one.

I agree. An external antenna adapter would allow me to use these controllers in HOAs and commercial applications. It would be useful when replacing existing controllers that are out of range of WiFi. A yagi antenna could make installations far from WiFi possible.

To add to this @mckynzee, metal facing is common for some cabinet construction materials.

In my case, I have about 50 cubic feet of space, fabricated in metal with a decorative facade, and wired with electricity.

It would be a real shame to have to affix a box to the outside. If it were near a bunch of other boxes, that would be one thing, but there aren’t any other enclosures near the grill, so it sort of stands out, in not-a-good-way.

Possibly, this or similar?