Extend the Manual operation, of the controler,

When I lose my internet connection, I need to water my garden. The minimum run time for my zones in 20 minutes. Currently the unit will only run 3 minutes. It is not practical to go back every 3 minutes and turn on.


Thanks @NOVUS. Are you losing your interest connection often?

I’d like to let users change the default run time from manual operation on the controller. It’s in the backlog of features to develop, but I don’t know when it will be implemented.

Have a wonderful day.

I totally understand where you’re coming from on this, @NOVUS. Depending on how far a zone is from your controller, three minutes may not be sufficient to even test/troubleshoot a zone - which is a prime use for this manual feature.

I’ll point out, though, that Limited Schedules are also a useful option for when your unit is offline. Instructions on using those should have come with your Gen2, but are also available in the following support article: What are Limited Schedules?

Hope that helps, until the changes Ben mentioned (in Post#2) are put into production.

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