Exporting/Importing Schedules

Hi. A Rachio technician suggested I try guaging community interest in the ability to export/import schedules. I’m a new user. Some benefits I see:

  1. If schedule is editable, an (arguably) easier way to edit/change schedules.

  2. A way to save schedules from inadvertant undesirable changes.

  3. A way to save schedules from disaster.

  4. A way to have schedules for special purposes: Seeding, drought, winter, summer.

The only drawback would be an uninformed user spoiling his own schedule.


Hey @munisco,

Thank you so much for this suggestion! How would you see this exporting? As a .csv file with the schedule details? What about the same feature for zones?

:cheers: Lo

While it would be nice for zones, they dont change as much or as often as schedules. A CSV file would be ideal. The reading software would have to do enough error-checking to prevent confusing the app.

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Interesting! Thanks for the input. I’ll shoot this off to the team for further research. Mind if we come back to you in the future if we have more questions?

Zone settings would be very nice to have. Right now, I keep all of them on an EXCEL spreadsheet, with a different tab for everytime I make a change. CSV file please.


Would love to help.


Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile:

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