Export Watering History

I am impressed with all the features and functions of the Rachio system. That said, one very useful and simple feature is missing…being able to export water usage history in a csv format that could be imported into Excel for analysis. For Rachio 2 you could simple capture “date, zone, start time, stop time, actual run time” for Rachio 3 you could include actual gallons used if you had the flow meter installed. A good use case for this would be in the case of say a tenant is complaining about high water bills and is blaming the irrigation. A quick export of the historical watering history could provide some good information to help isolate the problem.

I see this request has come up in the past (2016). What is the big hurdle in implementing this?


@Ndavis130 I believe what you are asking for is already on the web application.


You can download for the whole controller or per zone.



Hope this helps.


franz, no offense – but it’s unrealistic for any organization to predict all the ways that someone may want to use the data. On multiple occassions – at least 5 times now, I’ve wanted the data for different reasons and the report does me no good at all (just causes frustration). Not even able to grab the raw html and extract the data.

Please release my data, on my system, from being held hostage. Please. Again, no offense – just a serious request that is my greatest frustration with Rachio products … and I have several.

Here I am … needing this again, btw.