Export History Data

I would love the ability to export my history data into CSV format. i have seen this suggestion now for years, why is this simple feature taking so long to implement?

While not an exact answer, history data is available via API:

Someone could take the time and convert the JSON data to CSV

For those familiar with Google Apps Script, it would be relatively easy to use the API that @Gene referred to and export it to a Google Sheet, which could be exported as a CSV. I might consider this for one I am working on.

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By the way, you can download specific zone’s usage data via app.rach.io in CSV format


Download actually not limited by the table, it goes way back. Information provided only includes the day zone ran, duration (in fractions of an hour) said zone ran for and gallons (estimated or measured) used during the run.


That is a good point @Gene. It looks like either overall from either the HOME or individual zone pages on the ZONES page. Kind of different data than is on the HISTORY page. Both can be useful depending on the case.

@jeffh, what kind of history data are you looking for?