Experimenting with Wetting Agent

One of my friends owns a landscape company and he swears that wetting agents work great on fescue in Oklahoma. I bought a bag of granular Moisture Manager and applied it over the weekend. Retail name is Hydretain. One of many wetting agents on the market. Manufacturer claims 3 month activity. Has anyone had any good benefit using wetting agents to help conserve water?

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I personally have not. My soil shows no symptoms of hydrophobia and my allowable budget is already consumed with water, foliar nutrients and growth regulator.

I am curious to your experience, my neighbor was using some brand but after I got him using trinexapcethyl, he stopped using it for some reason, I’m not sure why though.

This doesn’t mean much, soil compositions vary so wildly that it’s hard to make any blanket claim to their efficacy.

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Oklahoma City is in the transition zone for fescue and need all the help I can get in my backyard. The majority of my backyard is shady but there are a few hot spots. Last fall reseeded with a blend of several fescues plus a good bit of Texas bluegrass (which higher drought tolerance than plain Kentucky bluegrass.)

How did the hydretain work out?